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  • Is the course interactive?
    Yes, all our courses are interactive via a comment box. You may ask your question at any moment during the course and our trainer will respond to you. The courses also include a live event in which the tutor will tackle areas which require attention of the students.
  • What is better - Live training or e-learning?
    E- Learning accommodates everyone's needs and is more flexible as it allows you to create a training schedule that works best for you. However, It is for you to choose what suits you the best.
  • Who can benefit from these courses?
    Students in primary and secondary grades. Artistic, fitness enthusiasts and professionals. MoKour is a community of learners in all spheres of life.
  • "I am trying to log in, but it is not working."
    There could be a possibility of experiencing an issue while logging in. If you have already reset your password and are still not able to gain access to your account, please contact us at: and a member of our staff will be able to help you.
  •  I do not know which course is better suited for me. How can I find out?
    If you are interested in a specific topic, you can browse by topic to narrow down your options. If you are still unsure which course is best suited for you, please reach out to us at: We would be happy to help!
  • Do I have to be logged in at a certain time for a course?
    No, our e-learning courses are flexible and can be accessed at any time that is suitable for you. However you will be required to attend live events at specified times which will be communicated to you. Should you not be available at this time, you can still access the live recording up to one week after the live date.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    Once you sign up to the course you will have unlimited access to it.
  • How can I be updated on any new courses that become available?
    If you are already a student, you will be notified when our new courses go live. If you wish to receive new courses updates and have not yet been registered as a student, please contact, we will ensure that you are included in our contact list.
  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
    Yes, for non-school grade courses, you will receive an e-certificate on completion of your course.
  • How do I pay for a course ?
    Once you have chosen your subscription, you will be prompted to pay either by card or Juice/Bank transfer. You will be required to state your order reference on transfer of payment so that we can activate your course.
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