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Barlen MUNUSAMI joined the police force in 1989. He holds a BSc in Police studies from the University of Mauritius and Portsmouth, a certificate in Traffic Management and Road Safety from the University of St Petersburg, Russia, and an MA in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM). He is an MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority) approved trainer and Programme Officer in Defensive driving, Road Safety and Road Traffic Laws. He is also a consultant in Road Safety at the African Development Bank. He is a specialist lecturer in legal aspects of road traffic (Road Traffic Act). He is also a part-time lecturer at university in the field of Communication. Married and father of two grown-up  children, Barlen Munusami gives regular talks and facilitates workshops on road safety in the media in Mauritius. He is the author of the guide " Le permis à points de A à Z and also the author of "Le Guide du Motocycliste".

Oral Driving Test FAQ

How do I book the oral (audio visual) test?

You can make an application online but you still need to go to Les Casernes in Port-Louis to take the test.

How much does the oral test cost?

The theory (oral) test costs Rs500.

How long does it take to get an appointment for the oral test?

Around 6 weeks.

How do I postpone my oral test?

You cannot postpone the oral test. If you're not able to attend because of other commitments or if you don't feel you're ready yet and don't turn up, you will lose the test fee you paid and will have to repay when you make another appointment.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my oral test?

No. The test fee is non-refundable.

What is the pass mark for the oral exam?

You will get 40 questions in total but the first 5 do not count towards your final score. You will therefore need to get 29 out of the remaining 35 questions correct to pass. That's around 83% pass mark.

In what languages can I take the oral test?

You have a choice of 3 languages. For English & French, the test is done on a computerised system.

If you're not comfortable doing the test on a computer, you can do the test orally - this is where a police officer asks you the questions in Mauritian Creole and you have to write down your answer on a sheet of paper which is then used for marking. This is where the name of the test originally comes from, a verbal test (hence oral test).

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